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The Best Places to Find Wholesale Furniture and Office Furniture Suppliers

Furniture Suppliers Incorporated is located in Jasper, IN and is a member of the Independent Furniture Manufacturers Association. Furniture Suppliers Inc also has six employees across its various locations and produces $1.6 million in yearly revenue (USD). The company also deals in the importation and export of furniture, parts, accessories and electronic/electronic products to customers all over the world. Their business was started in 1958 by Richard C. Dierking, who started out as a salesman at Wal-Mart selling kitchen appliances and then developed his own line of furniture.


The founder of this wholesale furniture company was arrested and later sent to prison, where he died. He had been doing a lot of business with the Chinese and Vietnamese. Furniture Suppliers Incorporated bought the factory furniture from these factories in order to resell it to customers all over the United States. Although Vietnam was a fairly developed economy at that time, they were able to produce quality furniture at low prices because most of the furniture in those days were made by immigrants from other countries, rather than by industrial workers from abroad. Furniture Suppliers also imported a variety of goods from Vietnam including: Tuong Van, Bamboo, Rattan, Wicker, Ceramics, Glass, Metal and Pottery.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a full-time furniture supplier adds value to the American economy by generating about $36 billion in income and employs over 4 million people. Many furniture suppliers are members of the US Department of Commerce in the furniture category. One of the largest furniture suppliers is Oriental Trading Post LLC which is located at 6100 Nacogdoches Blvd, Ste 500, Milton, FL. Other top 10 furniture manufacturers in the United States include: Atlas Copes, Atlantic Rich, Black & Decker, Blundstone, Burberry, Cacao, Chamilia, Comfortex, Craig’s List, Deal, Eastland, Emerson, Fisher, Heilsa, International House, Jolly, Kenmore, Landau, Mark, Mattress Warehouse, Mozart, Newmar, North American Mattress, Packaging Plus, Pier One, Procter and Gamble, Sharp, and Ujena. At the time of this writing, there are still many more manufacturers and dealers who are offering a wide range of home furnishings at discount prices.

In order to reduce their import fees, many Vietnamese furniture manufacturers and dealers send their raw materials to the United States from China. The furniture that they sell here will then be exported back to Vietnam. This has resulted in a serious decline in the purchase of US manufactured goods from these factories. The reason why is because the supplies from these factories are much lower than the prices that American consumers are able to pay.

One of the best ways for a furniture manufacturer or dealer in America to get into this business in the early 1990s was to set up a manufacturing facility in an area called Homestead, Florida. This was a relatively well-populated area and there were lots of large furniture retailers already established in the area. This allowed the Homestead furniture factory to be able to get started on its path to success. Today, it is one of the top home furnishings manufacturers in the United States of America.

Once, the first factories opened in the United States of America, other furniture makers flocked to the Vietnam, mainly because the labor cost in America was much lower than the Vietnamese labor cost. A typical Vietnamese college student earns approximately two hundred dollars a month. These Vietnamese workers willing to work for about half that amount are extremely valuable to American companies. To make sure that American furniture manufacturers gain access to these inexpensive Vietnamese labor workers, all furniture warehouses and head offices have an office in Phuoc Long, Vietnam. Many of these factories are run by college students who want to earn a part time income, while still being involved with their studies.